Status Card Registration

Registration Process for an Adult

Mail form to Ottawa with photocopies of documentation. Applications can be found on the INAC website.

Registration for a Child

Parents fill out a form and mail it to INAC or to your First Nation Indian Registry Office. Child Application for Registration as an Indian forms can be found on the INAC website.  Accompany this form with a copy of the framing size birth certificate that contains the parental information. If your child was born out of province the onus is on the parents to provide the birth document at their own cost.

Birth Certificates Can Be Obtained Through These Locations:


Saskatchewan Vital Statistics

1301 1st Ave
Regina, SK
S4R 8H2




British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency

PO BOX 9657
Victoria, BC
V8W 9P3



Alberta Vital Statistics

Registry Connect
PO BOX 386
Edmonton, AB
T5J 2J6


 When you apply for a CIS otherwise known as a status card take the application to your First Nation Indian Registry Administrator or INAC Regional office Room 200, 1 First Nation Way Regina, SK. 2nd floor First Nations University of Canada. You may be asked to relinquish your old card. If you’re not in possession of it you may be asked to fill out a declaration for a lost/stolen card plus applicable identity documents are required when applying for a new CIS.

The federal government is in the process of introducing nationally a new Secure Certified Indian Status (SCIS) to replace the existing card. The new SCIS is intended to be a federal government secure identity document replacing the old CIS.